TOUGHROOF Flat Roof System – The TOUGHEST Roof in the World

TORONTO, September 29—Imagine a roof that never leaks and never has to be replaced. The idea might seem preposterous to anyone who owns a building or a home with a flat roof, but TOUGHROOF’s proven seamless multiply hot asphalt roof system is guaranteed on both fronts. Add to that its green roof benefits and it is little wonder the TOUGHROOF system is changing how people feel about flat roofs.

“Most people that own flat roofs don’t really like them,” says Dan Sheridan, inventor of Canada’s TOUGHROOF flat roof system. “They are scared of flat roofs because they leak, but we take that fear away with our one-of-a-kind seamless roof system.”

Sheridan comes four generations of roofing experts: He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to withstanding Canada’s toughest weather conditions.

When installed correctly, traditional hot asphalt or Built Up Roof Systems (BUR), which use several layers of hot asphalt and a pea gravel sunscreen, are a reliable and long lasting solution. The problem with most flat roofing systems, however, is it can be difficult to create a proper seal at all connection points.

TOUGHROOF is a seamless roof system, which means there’s no where for Mother Nature to penetrate. No seams, means no leaks: Exactly what you want in a flat roof. Superior rubberized asphalt responds to all kinds of abuse by expanding and contracting to avoid pressure cracks.

TOUGHROOF outperforms the “seamed” competition on every level. The system is hassle-free, requires little maintenance and boasts superior reinforcement materials for a competitive price. “Every other system has compromises in the makeup of the roof system, which means it can not combat Mother Nature,” says Sheridan. “There’s zero comprise in our system—it’s the strongest seamless system ever created.”

The best part is once you install TOUGHROOF you’ll never need to purchase a new flat roof system again. This translates into lower long-term costs, as well as environmental benefits: No future debris in our landfills. Instead of replacing a building’s entire roof every 10-15 years, with TOUGHROOF only the top layer needs updating—think of it as applying a coat of fresh paint.

TOUGHROOF does not contribute to the Urban Heat Island Effect and reduces the buildings carbon footprint.

“Not only do you get an amazing roof, but you’re also saving the planet,” says Sheridan.

About TOUGHROOF: TOUGHROOF is a Canadian company that includes McDonald’s, Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and countless other businesses and residential property owners among its customers. Please visit
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