For over 150 years hot asphalt roof systems or Built Up Roof Systems (BUR) have been used to keep the elements out of buildings with flat and low sloped roofs. BUR Systems use several layers of hot asphalt and a reinforcing material, including a pea gravel sunscreen. This reliable and long lasting roof system, when installed correctly, has the longest service life of any flat roofing system on the market today.

The TOUGHROOF flat roofing system was designed over 4 generations by the Sheridan family in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Four generations of flat roofing in Canada has taught this family what works in flat roofing and what doesn’t. After seeing massive failures from all of the new flat roofing systems, the TOUGHROOF commercial flat roof system was born.

TOUGHROOF Commercial Roofing System

To date no one has improved upon the service life expectancy of a BUR flat roof system, until now. The TOUGHROOF flat roofing system is a traditional BUR multi-ply hot asphalt roof system with highly improved materials in its makeup, making it the highest performance roof on the market. The TOUGHROOF system takes all of the good components from the most trusted flat roof system (BUR) and makes a roof system that is stronger, longer lasting and environmentally friendly. While other roofers where looking at different roof systems the Sheridan family were looking at ways to improve the already die hard hot asphalt roof system, and at the same time, keeping the TOUGHROOF system competitive.

TOUGHROOF using Polara Reinforcement holds Factory Mutual Approval, Under Writers Labs Class A Approval. Materials are made under ASTM Standards.

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Seamless Multi-Layered Protection

TOUGHROOF is a Seamless Multi-Layered Roof System By not having any seams on your roof, there is nowhere for Mother Nature to enter, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Seamed roof systems do not match up to the TOUGHROOF system in longevity, solar reflectance and low maintenance. Once you install a TOUGHROOF you will never purchase a new flat roof system ever again.

Renewable LIFETIME Warranty

TOUGHROOF has a Renewable Lifetime Warranty that never needs replacing. This saves precious land fill space as you will not need to discard the roof. This is an extremely low cost solution to rejuvenate your roof back to its original state at a fraction of the cost of full roof replacement. There are no warranty restrictions or stipulations on green roofing medium or solar applications.

Stronger Reinforcement Materials

TOUGHROOF has much stronger reinforcement materials like Polara polyester and modified bitumen especially formulated for strengthening hot asphalt. The heat resistant Polara polyester absorbs and becomes one with the asphalt, fusing the layers of hot asphalt together. It is similar to rebar in concrete. Making TOUGHROOF the strongest seamless system on the market


TOUGHROOF uses hot asphalt the has the longest proven track record for reliability than any other roof system for our harsh Canadian Climate.

Cooler Alternatives

TOUGHROOF uses cooler alternatives to the classic gravel sunscreen. TOUGHROOF buildings do not contribute to the Urban Heat Island Effect as most of the suns rays are reflected back to the sky.

Odour Suppressing Asphalt

During the installation, even the smell has been improved, an odour suppressing asphalt additive gives the hot asphalt a pleasant peppermint sent, making the process less intrusive to the surroundings.

The TOUGHROOF is the BUR hot asphalt roof of the future.


Resurface Roof System

Existing roof is saved and multi-ply TOUGHROOF is applied directly to existing roof surface to strengthen and rejuvenate the existing roof. TOUGHROOF Resurface weight is 4 to 8 pounds per square foot installed depending on existing roof surface weight.

Benefits – low cost, no generated debris means our landfill space is saved.

Recover Roof System

Existing roof is saved and multi-ply TOUGHROOF is installed onto a separation layer board which is first applied directly on top of the existing roof surface. TOUGHROOF Recover weight is 4 to 8 pounds per square foot installed depending on existing roof surface weight.

Benefits – low cost, no generated debris means our landfill space is saved

Retrofit Roof System

Completely remove existing roof and debris. Install new vapour barrier, insulation board and multi-ply TOUGHROOF system. TOUGHROOF Retrofit weight is 3 to 10 pounds per square foot installed.

Benefits – New insulation options can reduce heat loss from existing roof insulation.