The Ontario Micro Fit energy program was introduced on December of 2009. With the MicroFIT program, once your solar arrays are set up, you will be paid a guaranteed price for all the electricity your roof produces for the next 20 years.

Solar companies are looking to lease your roof space. The TOUGHROOF is the best choice when installing solar panels on flat roofs. Many of the solar companies will either subsidize the cost of a new roof system or they will amortize the cost of the new roof over the duration of the lease by taking a small percentage out of the monthly payments you receive.

You can also purchase your own Solar Cells giving you 100% of the profit generated on your roof.

Solar installation requirements

Solar companies installing arrays need the following criteria met:

  • There must be an extremely watertight roof system in place at the time of installation.
  • There must be a highly reflective white roof system to meet the minimum requirements for solar reflectivity.
  • A watertight roof system warranty.
  • There must not be any warranty stipulations regarding solar array installation and maintenance.

The TOUGHROOF flat roofing system not only meets all of these requirements, it exceeds them.

Why the TOUGHROOF system is the ideal choice for solar installation companies.

  • TOUGHROOF is the strongest roof system ever made for flat roofs
  • TOUGHROOF can be power washed to remove dirt and environmental dust without voiding our warranty.
  • The TOUGHROOF warranty does not have any stipulations when it comes to solar installations and foot traffic.
  • The TOUGHROOF warranty is a 100% leak free fully renewable warranty.
  • The TOUGHROOF system is comparable in price to traditional hot asphalt BUR roof systems.

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