Snowball EffectThe Snowball Effect is a movement to save the planet. We need to find alternative ways to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect. One of our biggest challenges is the Urban Heat Island Effect. Temperatures in our cities are up to 10 degrees warmer than in rural areas. The reason for this is that traditional black roofs and other urban developments retain heat, causing dramatic temperature differences creating a bubble around the city . The secondary contributor is excessive energy usage generated by heat waste. Cities like Toronto have large bodies of water near them, but unfortunately they do not cool the cities down enough. Join the Snowball Effect by sharing stories, images or videos of how you are helping to save the planet by reducing your energy intake. It can be as simple as taking a picture with your new electric lawn mower or replacing your existing flat roof with an ultra white TOUGHROOF. TOUGHROOF flat roofing systems do not contribute to the Urban Heat Island Effect. Every one of our customers automatically joins the Snowball Effect when they install our Multi-layered TOUGHROOF System.

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