ToughRoof Repair Squad in Toronto

Rocco does flat roof repair in North YorkRocco does flat roof repair in North York

Last week Rob Campbell showed up and took pictures of our number one repair crew doing a flat roof repair in North York. Rob turned in some terrific shots – he captured their enthusiasm. If you follow along here you can see five very experienced roofers who all really love their jobs. The tar bucket

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ToughRoof Commercial Flat Roofing Versus Raccoons

Commercial and industrial buildings are typically more prone to animal infestation than residential buildings as there’s often nobody paying attention to bumps in the attic. Machine noise and the sound of an active workplace eclipses the sounds of the animals in the rafters of busy industrial buildings. Below is our friend Derick McChesney from SWAT

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ToughRoof Dipped Red Roses in Black Roofing Tar on Valentines Day

Black Rose ValentinesBlack Rose Valentines

ToughRoof Helped SMOJoe Make Black Roses For Valentine’s Day This year ToughRoof flat roofing repair company worked with artists in Toronto to make tar covered black roses for folks to give away on Valentines Day. . Whether they gave them to lovers or haters is unknown. Black Roses are truly ‘fantastic’ in that they do

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Buying a New Building? Use Your Flat Roof as a Negotiating Tool!

When you are buying a commercial/industrial building one thing you must consider is the condition of the flat roof. One of the main disposable components of the building is the flat roof. Also one of the most expensive retrofits of any building is the roof. Depending on the square footage of the building the roof

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